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From what kind of material are the lashes made?   
Our lashes are 100% handmade with the highest quality of synthetic fibers (PBT) which is why they have a soft and natural feeling. The lash band is made out of cotton so you will barely feel the band when wearing the lashes. It makes our lashes lightweight and very comfortable.

How many times can I wear one pair of lashes?
You can wear our lashes up to 10 times if you take good care of them.

Are the lashes cruelty free?
Yes! We only sell faux mink lashes and not real animal mink hair lashes. People often advertise with mink lashes being cruelty free but unfortunately this is hard to prove and kind of impossible, minks are naturally solitary predators, who would rather not have any other minks around them. They love being in water and on these so called mink fur farms they live forced in small cages with often lots of other minks and without water.

Can I sleep with the lashes on?
We do not recommend it, as it will ruin the lashes.

Do the lashes come with glue?
The lashes do not contain any glue within the packaging. However we do sell eyelash adhesive separately. 

Can I use mascara on the lashes?
We do not advise to use mascara on the lashes. You will ruin the lashes because trying to get the mascara off the lashes will change the form and curl of the lashes. Also mascara is totally unnecessary as our lashes are very dark and thick.

How do I clean the lashes?
Do not wet the lashes! This will ruin the curl and form of the hairs. The only thing you have to do is to carefully peel off the glue of the lash band and put them back in the original packaging to keep the shape and prevent dust formation.


What is the life cycle of the lenses?
The Alaìna lenses can be worn daily for 12 months after opening the blister packaging, if you take good care of them. Please take a look at our lens guide for the proper instructions on care. The FreshTone lenses can be worn daily for one month after opening the blister packaging.

Are the lenses available in prescription?
Unfortunately not at this moment. We only sell plano cosmetic lenses.

Are the lenses suitable for everyone’s eyes?
The lenses have a diameter of 14,5 or 14,2mm and a base curve of 8,6 mm this is not suitable for everyone’s eyes. It is important to have your eyes checked with an eye care professional to see if the lenses will be suitable for you, before you purchase the lenses.

What kind of solution do I need to use?
We recommend a good quality multi-purpose/ All-in-One solution for soft contact lenses. Replace the solution in your contact lens holder every day, even if you do not wear them daily. This is to keep them in their best condition and keep them as hygienic as possible. This way you can use enjoy your lenses the longest in a healthy way.

It hurts to put the lenses in my eye?
If you have never used contact lenses before and are not used to wearing them. Your eyes may react with a slight burning sensation. This is completely normal, if you wear them more often and get used to it you will not have this feeling anymore. However if it really hurts and keeps on hurting please do not wear the lenses to prevent any damage to your eyes. Also it is important to soak the lenses for 24 hours in the contact lens holder with fresh solution.

Why are the lenses uncomfortable?
This may have multiple reasons. First check if the lenses are completely clean and rinse them with solution, if they stay uncomfortable you may have them on inside out or you might have scratched them and if the last one is the case you have to throw them away.

The lenses do not stay on my iris and keep moving around in my eye? How is this possible?
Chances are that you are wearing them inside out. Take them out and push the lenses to the other side and try again. If this does not work and it keeps moving it means the diameter and curve are not suitable for your eyes.



I have not received a confirmation email?
It has probably gone into your junk mail, please check if it is in there. If not you can contact us and we will help you further.

What are the prices in a different currency, how can I change it?
On the top of the website you see your shopping cart and on the left side of it you will see a tiny little man, if you click on it you will see at the bottom of the list four different currencies. These are Euro, British Pounds and United States Dollars. If you would like a different currency that has not been listed you can google search for a currency converter and calculate the prices into any currency.



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